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What Is JSEcoin ?

Founded in August 2017, JSEcoin develops next generation blockchain technology for the web. The JSEcoin project includes the digital currency, wallet, mining and developer platform where any business or individual with an email address can generate tokens as well as securely and cost-effectively send and receive cryptocurrency payments online.It also provides a suite of tools for publishers to monetize their digital content.

Why JSEcoin ?

Since 2017 Over 100 Million Website Visitors Have Opted-in To This World's Largest Browser Mining Network.JSEcoin uses an unobtrusive code snippet, which is an embedded external javascript file similar to common codes used for website analytics and advertising, placed on the site. The code does not disrupt the website performance and the user experience is not affected. The additional power consumption when the device is in use is minuscule. The CPU usage for JSE hashing algorithm is less resource demanding than the loading of a video advertisement.

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